Meanwhile In Canada Moments

Our Favourite 'Meanwhile In Canada' Moments

Our Favourite 'Meanwhile In Canada' Moments

Canadians.  We're polite, poutine-eating, beer-drinking, hockey-playing, maple syrup lovers. 

Theres no denying the truth in that, but we want to talk about what really makes us and our country unlike any other place.

As one of the most diverse, empathetic, inclusive and beautiful places in the world, (sorry to brag), we have a whole lot to be proud of.

Here are some of our favourite Meanwhile in Canada moments that we just have to share with you:

1.  Justin Trudeau at one of our many pride parades. (Canada is home to some of the largest pride parades in the world) 

Justin Trudeau at the Pride Parade

2. Breakin' it down in the streets with our police officers.

 3. That time when Canadians had the 'biggest' protest in Canadian history, and it looked like this: 

Canadian protest

4. Halifax man drunkenly tried to get into an apartment unit he thought belonged to a friend. Turns out, it did not belong to his friend, and ended up waking a stranger in the middle of the night. The next day, he apologized with a case of (Canadian) beer and an apology letter.

Apology beer

5. Canada is proud to have welcomed over 40,000 Syrian refugees since November, 2015. 

Welcome to Canada

 6. If you're from Canada (particularly the maritimes) you can definitely relate to this:

Accidents caused by kindness

7.  Unless its hockey.  In that case, we're winning, hands down.  Sorry. 

 8. We have yoga on Parliament Hill.  Hundreds of people from all over Ottawa come together every Wednesday throughout the summer to get a mid-day yoga class in.


9. This video. No words, just watch.

Moments like these happen every day in the Great White North, and we are so proud. 

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